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TMI 1/18/2014: Steve Horn on Train Bombs, Rick Staggenborg on Citizens United, and more!

On December 26th, after quietly passing both houses of Congress, President Obama signed into law a measure that expedites the use of fracking to obtain Bakken shale oil. Less than a week later, a train carrying Bakken shale oil exploded in North Dakota. Steve Horn of has the story and joins us to illuminate the situation.

Then, the time is growing short to get a constitutional amendment put through to take down Citizens United, the Supreme Court decision that allowed corporate money virtually unlimited access to the American electoral process. Rick Staggenborg has been stridently working towards making such an amendment a reality, and will join us in simulcast with his own talk show to point out the next steps needed.
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All that and much more today on TMI for Saturday, January 18, 2014 – tune in live at noon Central on 91.7 WSUM FM here in Madison, or stream it anywhere from TMI’s listen page at live! Either way, you’ll have the cure for the common media.

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