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TMI 2/01/2014: BOP’s Bi Betterment Blueprint, Steve Horn’s Supplemental Statement Surprise and more!

TMI’s first episode of February 2014 is a hot one!

Bisexuality doesn’t get much attention, and then when it does, it is rarely with clarity. Serving to help the Bi, Pan, Fluid, Queer, Unlabeled and Allied communities of the Upper Midwest, the Bisexual Organizing Project (BOP) (of which I was a board member ten years back) has just transitioned to a new board for 2014. Joining us to discuss what the bi community is, what it needs, and how that’s been addressed so far, is former BOP chair Lauren Beach and incoming BOP chair Camille Holthaus.

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All that and much more on TMI for Saturday, February 1st, 2014, live at noon Central on WSUM 91.7FM in Madison, streaming live everywhere via – tune in and get your cure for the common media!


TMI 1/25/2014: Is Socialism Possible in the United States? and much more!

Today we welcomed Mauricio of the “Is Socialism Possible in the United States?” event happening here in Madison on Thursday, February 6th. We were then joined unexpectedly by Grant of ISO UW-Madison to continue the discussion, and much more! It’s a short intro post, as I’ve got lots to do before we go live at noon Central at WSUM 91.7FM here in Madison, or listen via from anywhere!

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Episode KeystoneXL

TMI 1/18/2014: Steve Horn on Train Bombs, Rick Staggenborg on Citizens United, and more!

On December 26th, after quietly passing both houses of Congress, President Obama signed into law a measure that expedites the use of fracking to obtain Bakken shale oil. Less than a week later, a train carrying Bakken shale oil exploded in North Dakota. Steve Horn of has the story and joins us to illuminate the situation.

Then, the time is growing short to get a constitutional amendment put through to take down Citizens United, the Supreme Court decision that allowed corporate money virtually unlimited access to the American electoral process. Rick Staggenborg has been stridently working towards making such an amendment a reality, and will join us in simulcast with his own talk show to point out the next steps needed.
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All that and much more today on TMI for Saturday, January 18, 2014 – tune in live at noon Central on 91.7 WSUM FM here in Madison, or stream it anywhere from TMI’s listen page at live! Either way, you’ll have the cure for the common media.


TMI 1/11/2014: Steve Anderson of, West Virginia’s Chemical Nightmare, Food Stamp Betrayal and more!

When you’re an activist, you simply want to make the world a better place for everyone – but there are different ways to go about it. Steve Anderson used his monthly column, “Media Links” and the organization he founded, “” to move some of his ideas all the way to the Prime Minister’s desk! We’ll talk to him about how there’s much more to be done in Canada and worldwide, and what we can all do to make our voices heard.

Then: Federal agencies are having to ship bottled water into West Virginia to help its citizens, who are beset with a horrible chemical spill into one of their most-used waterways, the Elk River. Nine counties are being told that they can not only not drink the water or even boil it for safety, they cannot bathe in it, and are only safe in using it “to flush toilets”. We’ll go in-depth.
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Finally: With the Farm Bill negotiations finally underway, many of us were hoping that the Food Stamp subsidies would be restored to previous levels, including the farmers who feel increased demand for their product when people can actually afford it. That now seems in jeopardy. All that and more on today’s TMI, airing live at noon Central on WSUM 91.7 FM in Madison, and being streamed live via and the Listen page here on Tune in!

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TMI 1/4/2014 – The False World of College Pricing, Choosing Jobs or Equality and More!

You may be aware of how sale prices so often are the actual price the retailer wants to get out of the transaction, and how the “suggested retail price” is only there to make you think you’re getting a good deal. Well, it turns out that the price of higher education is set in a similarly dishonest fashion. We’ll pull the cover off of that.

Then, we’re often told by those who would claim to be wise in economic matters that we have a dire choice to make: we can either correct some of the grotesque amounts of income inequality in this nation, or we can create jobs. We’ll show why this is not only a false choice, but a virtual opposite of the truth.
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All that and more for the first TMI of 2014 – tune in at Noon Central on 91.7 WSUM FM in Madison or steam it live via TMI’s listen page at today!