TMI 02/12/2021 – Following Orders, Polite White Supremacy, Political Astrology

Many of the Capitol Rioters are now using the defense that they were just “following orders”. Evidently not being pardoned by Trump made a number of them pretty sore, and they have no problem being very clear that as far as they were concerned, Trump was their leader and they did what they did at his behest.

Then, we discuss a touchy topic for many of us: “Polite White Supremacy”, or the tendency for an officer who arrests a white man with a screwdriver on him to call it just that, but on a black man it is often called a “burglary tool”. It’s not only the police, and we discuss it here.

Finally, meet an astrologer who uses her platform to promote social change and ideology. All that and more on TMI for Friday February 12, 2021 – listen in for YOUR Cure for the Common Media!


TMI 01/22/2021 – Pardon Me!, China and the Uighurs, the 1776 Commission Results, and Heat Kills More in Black Neighborhoods

The list of pardonees and commutees from Donald Trump’s last day in office was most interesting for who they included – and who they didn’t include! Former Detroit Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick was just one, while not a single member of the rioters at the Capitol Building was included. We discuss.

Then, the Trump State Department leaves a “gift” for Biden’s administration by condemning China’s treatment of the Uighurs located in northwest China – rightfully so, but the timing is clearly an attempt to make things difficult for the Biden State Department.

Next, we talk about the results of “The 1776 Commission”, which were released the last full day Trump was in office, claiming that America’s schools had been infiltrated by “anti-American indoctrination”. We discuss this nonsense.

Finally, we show how Climate Change, and the warming trends that are at the center of it, more severely affect those in poor and minority neighborhoods. The science is important, but when people lose their lives to the ravages of Climate Change more when they are poor or black? That cannot go ignored. All that and more on TMI for Friday January 22, 2021 – listen in for YOUR Cure for the Common Media!


TMI 2/15/2014: The Real Cause of the Uptick in Autism Spectrum Disorder, the Seduction of Drones, Weather – Ready or Not? and much more!

The rise in Autism Spectrum Disorder is indeed outpacing the advances in reporting and detecting it, and many people believe that vaccination is to blame. This is a dangerous red herring, as eschewing vaccination where it can be done reduces herd immunity among us all, and even more dangerous, allows us to ignore the real culprit: a study, released just yesterday in The Lancet, shows that the toxic mix of chemicals in our everyday environment to be the cause of the massive spread of brain damage being caused in our children. We cannot afford to erroneously blame vaccines.

Then, we have President Obama’s top people debating whether or not to drone-kill a fifth U.S. citizen. What if I told you Amazon would be an accomplice to it? There’s a lot more to drones than many realize, and we’ll go over that.
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Finally, The weird weather that just keeps on coming is often blamed on a research base in Alaska called HAARP. However, like with vaccines being blamed for autism, the real issue is far bigger and focusing on HAARP simpy takes away from the massive efforts needed to combat the Climate Crisis. In the last 47 years, a million square miles of spring snow cover has disappeared from the Northern Hemisphere. The Sochi Winter Olympics are only possible with the help of carefully preserved snow from last winter and snow guns used to try and reinforce that supply. Along the River Thames in England, communities are being flooded out by the wettest weather they’ve had in over a century. Meanwhile, California is experiencing the continuation of a three-year drought. Whether we are ready or not, the weather is changing, and it spells dire consequences. President Obama’s State of the Union speech could have misled you to think we’re heading toward a “cleaner, safer planet”. President he may be, but climatologist he’s not. We’ll discuss all that and much more today on TMI with Aldous Tyler, live at noon Central on WSUM 91.7 FM in Madison or via our Listen page.


TMI 1/11/2014: Steve Anderson of, West Virginia’s Chemical Nightmare, Food Stamp Betrayal and more!

When you’re an activist, you simply want to make the world a better place for everyone – but there are different ways to go about it. Steve Anderson used his monthly column, “Media Links” and the organization he founded, “” to move some of his ideas all the way to the Prime Minister’s desk! We’ll talk to him about how there’s much more to be done in Canada and worldwide, and what we can all do to make our voices heard.

Then: Federal agencies are having to ship bottled water into West Virginia to help its citizens, who are beset with a horrible chemical spill into one of their most-used waterways, the Elk River. Nine counties are being told that they can not only not drink the water or even boil it for safety, they cannot bathe in it, and are only safe in using it “to flush toilets”. We’ll go in-depth.
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Finally: With the Farm Bill negotiations finally underway, many of us were hoping that the Food Stamp subsidies would be restored to previous levels, including the farmers who feel increased demand for their product when people can actually afford it. That now seems in jeopardy. All that and more on today’s TMI, airing live at noon Central on WSUM 91.7 FM in Madison, and being streamed live via and the Listen page here on Tune in!

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TMI 1/4/2014 – The False World of College Pricing, Choosing Jobs or Equality and More!

You may be aware of how sale prices so often are the actual price the retailer wants to get out of the transaction, and how the “suggested retail price” is only there to make you think you’re getting a good deal. Well, it turns out that the price of higher education is set in a similarly dishonest fashion. We’ll pull the cover off of that.

Then, we’re often told by those who would claim to be wise in economic matters that we have a dire choice to make: we can either correct some of the grotesque amounts of income inequality in this nation, or we can create jobs. We’ll show why this is not only a false choice, but a virtual opposite of the truth.
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All that and more for the first TMI of 2014 – tune in at Noon Central on 91.7 WSUM FM in Madison or steam it live via TMI’s listen page at today!

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TMI 12/21/2013 – Utah is luckier than Wisconsin, The Year of Snowden, A Bill of Wrongs, and More!

Today on TMI: Utah’s had its Constitutional Amendment against same-sex marriage overturned by a federal judge just yesterday, but if you live in Wisconsin, you know we’ve not been so lucky. More, your state likely has not just a law, but an Amendment against same-sex marriage, making the avenues to getting rid of it very narrow. We’ll discuss.

Then: The longer it goes, the more we see that even what seemed to be the most outlandish of Edward Snowden’s claims are being borne out independently, now that we know what to look for. It seems that only the most truly bent of the paranoids were wrong, and we’ll go through and see where we have left to go in fulfilling the warnings we were given.
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Also, in a speech trumpeting the Bill of Rights this week, President Obama missed mentioning one of them. Conspicuous by its absence, the Fourth Amendment seems to be the one that his administration seems to have had the most issues with. We’ll discuss all that and more on TMI for Saturday, Winter Solstice, 12/21/2013, live at noon on 91.7 WSUM FM and live-streaming on TMI’s listen page at .  Tune in!


TMI Hiatus Homework!

TMI with Aldous Tyler is on hiatus this week, which means you have homework!  But don’t despair, you’ll have an extra hour of MisterG’s greenarrowradio to groove with while doing it on 91.7 WSUM FM in Madison or On to the homework!

First, something fun: has a page devoted to saving some poor holiday inflatables (“Flates”) from their cruel and inhumane imprisonment. It’s a cause that’s full of hot air, yet one you’ll want to check out.

Then, there was an illuminating piece in The Atlantic about the NSA spying programs this week that included this clip:
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Finally, there’s a new analysis of what happened to Easter Island that is in some twisted ways a story of “success”, but it is one that is even more chilling than the story of failure we’ve been told about it for so long. To wit: “On Easter Island, people learned to live with less and forgot what it was like to have more. Maybe that will happen to us. There’s a lesson here. It’s not a happy one. As MacKinnon puts it: ‘If you’re waiting for an ecological crisis to persuade human beings to change their troubled relationship with nature — you could be waiting a long, long time.'” Read the entire piece, and see why we may have to sound the ecological alarm even louder if we want to gain any ground at all:

Check out those, and I’ll be back with more TMI next Saturday!

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TMI 11/30/2013: Thanks-for-nothing Pizza Hut with Tony Rohr, Texas Allows Real Climate Education to Go Nationwide, and More!

Tony Rohr worked up the ladder at the Pizza Hut in Elkhart, Indiana for more than ten years, becoming the location’s General Manager. Unlike all previous years, this year his regional bosses wanted his store to be open on Thanksgiving. At a meeting with his superiors he decided to take a stand against forcing his workers to work the holiday, and was told it was mandatory. In a scathing letter of protest, one which he acknowledged may end his career, he still refused. He lost his job, and an online fury engulfed Pizza Hut, one that pressed them to publicly say that they had offered him his job back. Most medicines available for enhancing sexual performance are prescription based, so you must consult on line levitra a doctor before considering them. It cures ED within an hour without any tab sildenafil complications. Precautions One must avoid taking any grapes contained stuff with this drug. discount levitra Intake to unhealthy fats as well as highly processed foods is a leading cause of obesity which in turn giver way to this condition as a large dose can lead to neuropathy. cialis 60mg However, there’s more to this than meets the eye. We’re grateful to have Tony Rohr come on today to illuminate what happened in his stand for his workers.

Then: you’ll likely do a double-take, but it appears we have Texas to thank for allowing real climate science to be taught in textbooks nationwide.  You didn’t know Texas had that kind of power? It does, and we’ll discuss why, and more for Saturday, 11/30/2013 on TMI with Aldous Tyler at Noon Central on WSUM 91.7FM in Madison, and streaming live worldwide via TMI’s Listen page at Tune in!

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TMI 11/23/2013: Taking Action with CAN, the Day of the Doctor and More!

We are proud to have Corporate Action Network Co-founder Brian Young joining us to give us insight into what we can do to, as CAN’s website says, “address the imbalance of power between corporations and people”, as well as discuss what current campaigns CAN is working for this rapidly-approaching Black Friday.

Then, as virtually every media resource focused on the anniversary of the tragic killing of a visionary President this week, I also had another 50th anniversary on my mind: that of the British television show Doctor Who. Why is this worthy of mention at all? The program itself had humble beginnings, but informed its viewers, like myself, of important philosophical points that helped shape how we view the world around us. We’ll delve into why Doctor Who has lessons for all of us who want our world to better represent the needs of its people. It’s far more important than you think.
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All that and much more on TMI for Saturday, November 23rd, 2013, airing live at Noon Central on WSUM 91.7FM here in Madison, and worldwide via TMI’s Listen page at

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TMI 11/09/2013: Global Trade Watch’s Ben Beachy on the TPP, Steve Horn on MSNBC’s pro-fracking “news”, and More!

Continuing to cover the vital story that the common media simply won’t touch, we’ve invited Ben Beachy of Public Citizen’s Global Trade Watch to help ensure that we understand not only the depth and breadth of the Trans-Pacific Partnership (the TPP), but also why we must demand that it be done in secret no longer, and that we, the people have a voice and a choice in the process.

Then, Steve Horn, research fellow at, tells us that MSNBC – a source that many had been trusting to give news coverage without the conservative taint of CNN or Fox – is now running “native ads” from pro-fracking sources, mixing in the messages these sources want you to see with the rest of the news. TMI is dedicated to being the Cure for the Common Media, so we were compelled to cover this latest outbreak of bad media practice.
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All that and much more on TMI for Saturday, November 9th, 2013 at Noon Central – tune in WSUM 91.7FM in Madison or use the Listen page at to stream it live anywhere!