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TMI 11/30/2013: Thanks-for-nothing Pizza Hut with Tony Rohr, Texas Allows Real Climate Education to Go Nationwide, and More!

Tony Rohr worked up the ladder at the Pizza Hut in Elkhart, Indiana for more than ten years, becoming the location’s General Manager. Unlike all previous years, this year his regional bosses wanted his store to be open on Thanksgiving. At a meeting with his superiors he decided to take a stand against forcing his workers to work the holiday, and was told it was mandatory. In a scathing letter of protest, one which he acknowledged may end his career, he still refused. He lost his job, and an online fury engulfed Pizza Hut, one that pressed them to publicly say that they had offered him his job back. Most medicines available for enhancing sexual performance are prescription based, so you must consult on line levitra a doctor before considering them. It cures ED within an hour without any tab sildenafil complications. Precautions One must avoid taking any grapes contained stuff with this drug. discount levitra Intake to unhealthy fats as well as highly processed foods is a leading cause of obesity which in turn giver way to this condition as a large dose can lead to neuropathy. cialis 60mg However, there’s more to this than meets the eye. We’re grateful to have Tony Rohr come on today to illuminate what happened in his stand for his workers.

Then: you’ll likely do a double-take, but it appears we have Texas to thank for allowing real climate science to be taught in textbooks nationwide.  You didn’t know Texas had that kind of power? It does, and we’ll discuss why, and more for Saturday, 11/30/2013 on TMI with Aldous Tyler at Noon Central on WSUM 91.7FM in Madison, and streaming live worldwide via TMI’s Listen page at Tune in!

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