Black Friday Episode WSUM

TMI 11/24/2023 – The Actual Origin of “Black Friday” and How it Has Nothing to Do with Profit, More

The retail establishment has long enjoyed spreading the myth that until the day after Thanksgiving each year, they are “in the red”, or that they haven’t made any total profit for the year until that very day. According to this, it is called “Black Friday” as that is when they are finally “in the black” financially, but that is far from the actual origin of the term. We go over how a certain football game’s annual happening gave rise to it, and much more on this relaxed edition of TMI for “Black Friday”, November 24, 2023 – listen in for YOUR Cure for the Common Media!

BCBSM Blue Cross Blue Shield COVID-19 Cows Episode Gretchen Whitmer Immune System Media Mental Health Tuberculosis Volcanoes WSUM

TMI 11/17/2023 – Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan vs. Mental Health Care, How Tuberculosis Used COVID to Soften Us Up, How to Put Sensational Headlines About Volcanoes (and Cows) in Context and more

Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan, the largest health insurer in the state, has successfully stalled legislation that would force it to pay for medically necessary mental health care. We look at who this affects and how Governor Whitmer is closely tied to BCBSM.

Then, the much-derided early reports that COVID could weaken our immune systems and make other diseases far harder to avoid have been vindicated, and tuberculosis is ready to take advantage of our collectively weakened condition. Finally, we look at how the common media loves to scare us over things that are not so bad when in proper context, making it more difficult to discern real issues. All this and more on TMI for Friday, November 17, 2023 – listen in for YOUR Cure for the Common Media!

Anthropomorphic Bill McKibben Episode Green Manufacturing Joe Biden LNG Salt Cycle WSUM

TMI 11/10/2023 – Earth’s Salt Cycle Has Been Thrown Off Balance, Bill McKibben on Biden’s Environmental Political Opportunity, the Struggle of Making Heavy Equipment Green and more

Just when you’ve firmly wrapped your head around how human activity has upset the climate, causing a crisis in the skies, a new report tells us how, thanks to human activities, the amount of salts on the Earth’s surface are dramatically out of proportion to what would naturally be there without our digging it up, causing further environmental calamity.

Then, Bill McKibben wrote a piece on how President Joe Biden could help not only the planet but his own re-election prospects by NOT allowing new LNG projects to be completed along the Gulf coast. Finally, we look at the struggle of making manufacturing processes “green”. All this and more on TMI for Friday, November 10, 2023 – listen in for YOUR Cure for the Common Media!

Abortion AI Episode Health Insurance Health Network One Joe Biden Leonardo Leo Medicaid Roe v. Wade SCOTUS WSUM

TMI 11/03/2023 – Leonardo Leo Funds Anti-Abortion in Ohio and Beyond, Biden Admin Executive Order Takes On AI, Health Network One Reinvents Profiting Off the Helpless and more

If you’ve never heard of Leonardo Leo and you believe that everyone, uterus-bearing or not, has the right to full bodily autonomy and access to health care (including abortion), then strap yourself in while I give you a quick tour of one of the biggest funders behind the SCOTUS majority that overturned Roe v. Wade and behind fighting Ohio from enacting a State Constitutional Amendment protecting abortion rights.

Then, in an enormous executive order, the Biden Administration is attempting to rein in AI before it is too late on a number of fronts – we examine the effort. Finally, we show how Health Network One has devised a NEW way to take public Medicaid money from Florida while giving Medicaid members WORSE coverage, all in the name of more profits! All this and more on TMI for Friday, November 03, 2023 – listen in for YOUR Cure for the Common Media!