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TMI 02/23/2024 – Black History Month Encompasses Further Back than 1865 or Even 1619, Earth is Getting Greener in a Bad Way, The Backlash to ESG Investing and How We Will Win Anyway and more

Black History Month often gives us memes and reminders of how Black people have contributed to the United States that we know today, but it encompassess much more than we often get. Black history, properly understood, shows that Black people haven’t merely “contributed”, but that their lives and efforts have been FOUNDATIONAL to the nation and the world we know today, going back much further than just the end of the Civil War or even the first African slaves brought to the English settlement of Jamestown – they had been here earlier than that!

Next, we see that, from the perspective of satellites orbiting our world, the Earth has been getting notably greener in color over the past few decades. We go over how, counterintuitively, this isn’t a good sign for our environment. Finally, Bill McKibben has posted how ESG investments are experiencing a backlash, but as he sees it, we will win in the end. Catch all of this and more on TMI for Friday, February 23, 2024 – listen in for YOUR Cure for the Common Media!

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TMI 12/22/2023 – Why You Need to Know About Nellie Stone Johnson, Thunberg and Others Call COP28 a “Cop Out”, the James Webb Space Telescope Targets Uranus and more

If you live in Minnesota, you stand a decent chance of having heard of Nellie Stone Johnson, but otherwise this pioneering black woman, born in 1905, is likely a complete mystery to you. We’ll correct that injustice as much as we are able, as Ms. Johnson was one of the most important figures in labor and civil rights – mostly as she saw no reason the two causes should ever be taken on separately.

Then, with the 28th UN Conference of the Parties (COP28) finished, we’ll check in to see how climate activists from Greta Thunberg to Bill McKibben feel how it went:. Spoiler warning: they were NOT impressed. Finally, we get to the bottom of how the James Webb Space Telescope has been used to dive into Uranus, spreading open our understanding of this place that gets so misunderstood. All this and more on TMI for Friday, December 22, 2023 – listen in for YOUR Cure for the Common Media!

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TMI 11/10/2023 – Earth’s Salt Cycle Has Been Thrown Off Balance, Bill McKibben on Biden’s Environmental Political Opportunity, the Struggle of Making Heavy Equipment Green and more

Just when you’ve firmly wrapped your head around how human activity has upset the climate, causing a crisis in the skies, a new report tells us how, thanks to human activities, the amount of salts on the Earth’s surface are dramatically out of proportion to what would naturally be there without our digging it up, causing further environmental calamity.

Then, Bill McKibben wrote a piece on how President Joe Biden could help not only the planet but his own re-election prospects by NOT allowing new LNG projects to be completed along the Gulf coast. Finally, we look at the struggle of making manufacturing processes “green”. All this and more on TMI for Friday, November 10, 2023 – listen in for YOUR Cure for the Common Media!