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TMI 7/20/2013: Gen. Petraeus’ Fracking Connections, ERM and More!

Did you know that refining tar sands actually cleans the air? Glad you said “no”, because it doesn’t, but Environmental Resources Management, who conducted the Keystone XL environmental impact statement wants you to think so! And this is the contractor group the Obama Administration is replying on to say if the Keystone XL pipeline is safe? Steve Horn joined us to discuss his piece on that as well as on how General David Petraeus has a seminar coming to CUNY this fall that uses loads of industry-spun data on fracking. Then, Al Suarez joined us to discuss the Edward Snowden Venezuela connections. All that and much more happened. Check out the podcasts below and get The Cure for the Common Media!

Tar Sands’ Clean AIr & Gen. Petraeus’ Fracking with Steve Horn

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Edward Snowden’s Venezuelan Connections with Al Suarez

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TMI 7/13/2013: WLHA Special Weekend w/ Kevin Peckham

WSUM 91.7FM in Madison, which TMI proudly broadcasts from every week, was not the first radio station here at UW-Madison. That honor falls to WLHA, which back in the day broadcast on 640AM from the Lakeshore Hall basement, and this weekend WSUM is being taken over by WLHA Alumni. In the case of TMI, we will be joined by Kevin Peckham, and we’ll discuss the FCC’s recent release of 1000 low-power FM frequencies for public use, Women over age 50 and men over age 70 have cheapest levitra a higher risk for osteoporosis. Scholl’s Massaging Gel Insoles is cheapest viagra australia also one of the best things you can do. Yes, Moms and Grand-Moms need excitement sildenafil soft tabs too, and the new way of getting it, is with a motorcycle. This is known as unilateral headache which often changes from one individual to another, wherein few men face complete cialis pills wholesale informative pharmacy store breakdown to reach erection, on the other hand few can easily hold erections. and how that will enrich our airwaves similarly to how community based radio has from the day of WLHA to nowadays with WORT, WSUM and others! All that and more on TMI Saturday, July 13, 2013 at Noon Central on 91.7 WSUM FM in Madison, and live via any of the streaming apps and sources on the TMI Listen page ( Be sure to tune into The Cure for the Common Media!

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TMI 7/6/2013: “The System is Broken” and More!

Our first episode of July has plenty of fireworks! Ignatius Lin, Frances Yeh, and Josh Zientarski say that, together, we can change the course of our country via their upcoming film, “The System is Broken”, and they’ll all join us via phone to discuss what inspired them to make it, and where we can all go from here.

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All that and more was on TMI Saturday July 6, 2013 at Noon Central on WSUM 91.7FM in Madison. Be sure to tune into The Cure for the Common Media!