Episode Fracking KeystoneXL

TMI 9/7/2013: Not Allowing Syria to Dominate the Media (with Steve Horn)

Syria. Our potentially launching a missile campaign against Assad there has put a stranglehold on the media conversation this week, and one cannot argue that it doesn’t deserve the attention… but there are other things that also deserve the spotlight. Joining us live in-studio for the hour is friend-of-the-show Steve Horn of DeSmogBlog and MintPress News with critical updates on the Keystone XL Pipeline, the domestic fracking situation and how all of that ties back to the American/Russian geopolitical struggle that put and keep Snowden and Syria in the headlines. BONUS: Here’s the article we previewed on this episode – read it now! Listen to the whole episode, or in the original three segments, below:

Listen the the entire episode!


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Episode Fracking KeystoneXL

TMI 7/20/2013: Gen. Petraeus’ Fracking Connections, ERM and More!

Did you know that refining tar sands actually cleans the air? Glad you said “no”, because it doesn’t, but Environmental Resources Management, who conducted the Keystone XL environmental impact statement wants you to think so! And this is the contractor group the Obama Administration is replying on to say if the Keystone XL pipeline is safe? Steve Horn joined us to discuss his piece on that as well as on how General David Petraeus has a seminar coming to CUNY this fall that uses loads of industry-spun data on fracking. Then, Al Suarez joined us to discuss the Edward Snowden Venezuela connections. All that and much more happened. Check out the podcasts below and get The Cure for the Common Media!

Tar Sands’ Clean AIr & Gen. Petraeus’ Fracking with Steve Horn

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Edward Snowden’s Venezuelan Connections with Al Suarez


TMI 6/15/2013: Opposite States of America

We’ve fallen completely down the rabbit hole: Silent protests are being silenced, Keystone XL activists are being targeted as terrorists, and government snooping is being run by corporations.

First, we’re joined by Wendi, one of the many Wisconsin citizens who sat in the gallery of the state legislature with tape over their mouths as a show of protest over having had their opposition to a trio of horribly anti-women bills silenced. You won’t believe what happened then! Click and listen:

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Then, we are joined by Steve Horn, investigative reporter for, who exposes not only the fracking involvement of Tennessee Governor Bill Haslam, but also how federal agencies and private corporations have teamed up to brand peaceful Keystone XL pipeline activists as terrorists. Click and listen:

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Finally – no matter what you think of Edward Snowden, the picture he’s illuminated is not one of Government-as-Big-Brother. It’s one of Government as the handmaiden to the corporations who are gathering our private data involuntarily and using it for their own profit.

All that and more was on TMI 6/15/2013 at Noon Central on WSUM 91.7FM in Madison, and live via any of the streaming apps and sources on the TMI Listen page. Be sure always to tune into what’s really going on!


Steve Horn on TN Governor’s Corrupt Fracking Connection

Steve Horn will join us on Saturday from New York. His latest work, now up on CounterPunch:

8,600 acres of the Cumberland Forest owned by University of Tennessee-Knoxville will be leased off to the oil and gas industry this August in a new form of “frackademia” – and one of the top financial beneficiaries will be the family of Republican Gov. Bill Haslam, who sits on UT-Knoxville’s Board of Trustees.

The Haslam family is an oil and gas family through and through, standing to profit immensely from a fracking boom in Tennessee and nationwide.

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Pilot Flying J also has 63 of its stations nationwide retrofitted with natural gas pumps for 18-wheelers owned by T. Boone Pickens‘ Clean Energy Fuels Corporation (CEF) as part of CEF’s “America’s Natural Gas Highway.” Some perspective: CEF currently has 67 U.S. fueling stations in total.

Pilot also owns Marathon Petroleum, which it purchased as a wholly-owned subsidiary in Sept. 2008. Marathon owns the Wellsville, Ohio Intermodal Facility, “a terminal capable of loading up to 50,000 [barrels of fracked oil per day via the Utica Shale] onto barges on the Ohio River,” according to the Youngstown Business Journal.

Episode Fracking

TMI 5/25/2013: ALEC’s Fracking Bill Partner (with Steve Horn of DeSmogBlog), and Obama’s Defense Speech (with Peter B. Collins) – with podcasts!

Steve Horn of joins us live in studio to discuss how the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC, the major corporate bill-writing clearinghouse) has an unexpected ally for its awful Fracking bill. Then, Peter B. Collins, host of the Peter B. Collins Show has analyzed President Obama’s speech on National Defense and comes on to give us his considered opinion on where we are going with drones, Guantanamo and more. Click below to listen to the podcasts!

Steve Horn on ALEC’s Fracking Bill:
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Peter B. Collins on Obama’s Security Speech:

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