TMI 2/15/2014: The Real Cause of the Uptick in Autism Spectrum Disorder, the Seduction of Drones, Weather – Ready or Not? and much more!

The rise in Autism Spectrum Disorder is indeed outpacing the advances in reporting and detecting it, and many people believe that vaccination is to blame. This is a dangerous red herring, as eschewing vaccination where it can be done reduces herd immunity among us all, and even more dangerous, allows us to ignore the real culprit: a study, released just yesterday in The Lancet, shows that the toxic mix of chemicals in our everyday environment to be the cause of the massive spread of brain damage being caused in our children. We cannot afford to erroneously blame vaccines.

Then, we have President Obama’s top people debating whether or not to drone-kill a fifth U.S. citizen. What if I told you Amazon would be an accomplice to it? There’s a lot more to drones than many realize, and we’ll go over that.
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Finally, The weird weather that just keeps on coming is often blamed on a research base in Alaska called HAARP. However, like with vaccines being blamed for autism, the real issue is far bigger and focusing on HAARP simpy takes away from the massive efforts needed to combat the Climate Crisis. In the last 47 years, a million square miles of spring snow cover has disappeared from the Northern Hemisphere. The Sochi Winter Olympics are only possible with the help of carefully preserved snow from last winter and snow guns used to try and reinforce that supply. Along the River Thames in England, communities are being flooded out by the wettest weather they’ve had in over a century. Meanwhile, California is experiencing the continuation of a three-year drought. Whether we are ready or not, the weather is changing, and it spells dire consequences. President Obama’s State of the Union speech could have misled you to think we’re heading toward a “cleaner, safer planet”. President he may be, but climatologist he’s not. We’ll discuss all that and much more today on TMI with Aldous Tyler, live at noon Central on WSUM 91.7 FM in Madison or via our Listen page.