BLM Episode George Floyd

TMI – Black Lives Matter – 06/29/2020

If you find the protests going on confusing, irritating or frightening, you need to listen to this week’s episode. We go through exactly what is at the core of it all, and hopefully help you get a handle on the changing society we live in. At the very least, this should help you understand what is meant by “Black Lives Matter”.

Climate COVID-19 Episode Fracking Steve Horn

TMI – It’s in the Air with Steve Horn – 06/22/2020

Making a triumphant return to TMI is friend of the program Steve Horn! We discuss some shady fracking deals California Governor Gavin Newsom has been involved with, why you should always watch what the Trump Administration is trying to pull off when Bill Cooper’s name is attached, and why the wildfires in Arizona DON’T make COVID-19 the least of their worries! All that and more, so take a listen!

Climate Episode George Floyd Media Peter B. Collins Presidential Politics

TMI – Catching up on 2020 with Peter B. Collins – 06/15/2020

Having returned to the air after a five year hiatus left me feeling like I needed to catch up on things – and there’s no one better to help with that than Peter B. Collins! He joins us for this extra-helping of TMI where we review what’s happened in the media, the climate, the field of presidential politics and leading us into the current worldwide protests for Black Lives Matter. It’s an HOUR of great insights and news you might have missed, so don’t miss THIS! Listen in, and be sure to follow Peter B. Collins on his own podcast as well!

Antifa BLM Episode George Floyd

TMI Returns! 6/6/2020 – Meet “Andy Antifa”!

With the protests in honor of the life taken from George Floyd by Minneapolis Police spawning some destruction and violence, Donald Trump knew exactly who to blame for the damage: Antifa! Yours truly wanted to hear from the other side, but the problem is, Antifa isn’t an actual organization… but then I found him! The very man who would know, one “Andy” Antifa of the Facebook page “AntiFa” ( Don’t miss our discussion of what antifa actually is.