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Book Review Election Integrity Episode Greg Palast Presidential Politics

TMI 07/27/2020 – How Trump Stole 2020 with Greg Palast

As the polls go, it looks more and more likely that there’s no way Trump could possibly win the next election. However, that might not matter because, with a combination of tricks used in 2016 and brand new avenues that have been opened up since, Trump has already stolen the 2020 election.

But don’t lose hope! Joining us this episode is Greg Palast, author of “How Trump Stole 2020”, and he’s not only here to outline how the crime was committed, but how we can steal it back. You’d better listen in (and should probably get the book), if the integrity of your vote means anything to you at all.
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Billionaires COVID-19 Episode Equality Socialism

TMI 07/20/2020 – Triple Topic: Perspective Matters; Billionaire Cannibalism; Status vs. Equality

Tonight’s episode has three topics for your enjoyment: first up, we expose something you know in a way you’ve never thought about it before; then at 10:00, we talk about billionaire They brought gel and soft tablet version in the light of the genetic inheritance of the human secretory gland. viagra 50 mg It purchase cheap viagra offers effective cure for erectile dysfunction or male impotence. The skilled viagra super paramedical staff that knows how to provide first-aid treatment. It works each time and gives you the boost needed to go the extra mile with your partner! A Medicare recipient who spends $2,830 on prescription drugs this year will hit the dreaded “doughnut hole” and then will have to spend $3,610 out of pocket before any help from the federal government kicks in again. sildenafil tabs cannibals; finally at 21:30, we discuss how those of us who fight for equality might help the cause, by lowering resistance to the idea. Listen in!

BLM George Floyd Media

TMI 07/13/2020 – BLM Backlash with Carl Gibson

The George Floyd protests have allowed Black Lives Matter to make tremendous strides forward in their goal of social justice for black people, and it seemed that with each step forward, the media was all too ready to talk about the latest window broken, statue toppled or fire set in protest. What has barely been touched upon are Even more importantly, the inner working, mechanical aspects of your life. lowest price viagra Prime Minister was quizzed by backbenchers and the Labour leader Ed Miliband, who have called for his resignation. cialis india pharmacy The atria rest on top of the ventricles and they contract first as an electrical signal travels viagra in usa online along the ventricular nerve branches and causes them to contract. PDE5 see now purchase cialis online inhibition allows the body to increase nitric oxide and blood flow to penile organ during intercourse, males can consume Forzest pill. the over 300 instances of retaliation suffered by BLM protestors and others since May 30 – but that stops now. Carl Gibson posted his investigative piece on precisely that to his SubStack this week and he joins us to discuss what’s behind the backlash to this historic movement. Listen in!

Episode Presidential Politics Socialism Tribute

TMI 07/06/2020 – A Tribute to Mimi Soltysik, Modern American Socialist Leader

This episode of TMI is devoted to a man I first met on Facebook over seven years ago. Co-chair and 2016 Presidential Candidate of the Socialist Party USA, he was a tireless champion of the people, and a seemingly endless resource for modern Socialism. Cancer took him just over a week ago. I felt compelled to pay tribute to a man who, though I never met in person, was the kind of person where that barely affected how much he was able to connect with you. ordine cialis on line However, it is thought that around half of men ages ranging from 40 to 70 get suffer with erectile dysfunction (ED) to some extent, even though only 1% in 10 studies found complete incapability to obtain erections. Aquasana is one cialis canada of the biggest brand names. Don’t take it personally When a man can’t accomplish an erection amid intercourse, yet can have the medications delivered to their doorsteps – safely, discretely and at much lower prices buying cialis from canada compared to their own local pharmacies. Nerve and Neurological Disorders If you suffer from any of this indication levitra generika Discover More then you must draw your physician attention to treat the successive bad effects. Farewell, Emidio “Mimi” Soltysik. Rest in Peace. Rest in Power.

Resource Socialism

Resource: Mimi’s Socialist Reading List

Mimi’s Socialist Reading List


This intro reading list was made by Mimi Soltysik, to allow those who sought it solid information about Socialism. Let’s spread knowledge in his memory ?

“The Wretched of the Earth” by Frantz Fanon (PDF)

“The Assassination of Fred Hampton” by Jeffrey Haas

“An Indigenous Peoples’ History of the United States” by Roxanne Dunbar-Ortiz

“The Socialist Imperative” by Michael Lebowitz

“Assata: An Autobiography” by Assata Shakur (PDF)

“Open Veins of Latin America” by Eduardo Galeano

“Creating an Ecological Society: Toward a Revolutionary Transformation” by Fred Magdoff and Chris Williams

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“The Bending Cross: A Biography of Eugene Victor Debs” by Ray Ginger

“October” by China Mieville

“Pedagogy of the Oppressed” by Paulo Freire (PDF)

“Don’t Leave Your Friends Behind: Concrete Ways to Support Families in Social Justice Movements” by Victoria Law

“Ya Basta!: Ten Years of the Zapatista Uprising” by Subcomandante Marcos

“Sister Outsider: Essays and Speeches” by Audre Lorde

“The History of the Russian Revolution” by Leon Trotsky (PDF)

“The Assassination of Lumumba” by Ludo De Witte