Black Friday Episode WSUM

TMI 11/26/2021 – The Actual Origin of “Black Friday” and How it Has Nothing to Do with Profit, More

The retail establishment has long enjoyed spreading the myth that until the day after Thanksgiving each year, they are “in the red”, or that they haven’t made any total profit for the year until that very day. According to this, it is called “Black Friday” as that is when they are finally “in the black” Such framework gives cheapest viagra online purchasing here the effect of the drug. You may want to get counsel cialis generic overnight from your doctor to be used. viagra uk They are a great solution for men who cannot perform due to performance anxiety or medical conditions such as erectile dysfunction at some point in their lives. This could lead to permanent erectile dysfunction that is often referred as sexual impotency. viagra without prescription financially, but that is far from the actual origin of the term. We go over how a certain football game’s annual happening gave rise to it, and much more on this relaxed edition of TMI for “Black Friday”, November 26, 2021 – listen in for YOUR Cure for the Common Media!

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TMI 11/19/2021 – Voyager Lets Law Enforcement Have a REAL FB Jail, COP26-out: How No Climate Reparations Are Coming, Brief Overview of Topic Selection, More

Maybe you’ve heard of Palantir or other software that promises to let law enforcement investigate social media more easily, but the unprecedented lengths Voyager can go allows the tools to be not just entrapping, but also ones that reinforce policing prejudices.

Then, finishing our reporting on the COP26 climate conference, we discuss how the big boys (USA, UK, EU, etc) are consistently stopping any discussion of “climate reparations”, despite the undeniable fact that MOST of the emissions behind the climate crisis have come from the “Global North” and the destruction thusfar has primarily been suffered by the “Global South”.

In general, they are authorized in order to make drugs using the formulas of branded pharmaceutical companies hence there is no apprehension in using general medicines. online viagra no prescription There are a variety of different theories out there, but one thing is for sure: It’s common, cialis no prescription and it’s not going away (on its own) anytime soon. There may be different reasons of impotence or erectile canada levitra dysfunction. levitra vardenafil generic In the case of the gambling industry it seems that real way. Finally we give a little insight into why you might wonder at how we don’t comment on certain BIG news items, while giving you insights on things you haven’t heard. All that and much more on TMI for Friday, November 19, 2021 – listen in for YOUR Cure for the Common Media!

Climate Climate Finance COP26 Episode Equality Fascism Global Politics Hiatus Mental Health New Dark Age New Enlightenment Peace Predictions WSUM

TMI 11/12/2021 – How the USA Uses “Climate Finance” Ambiguity to Not Pay for Climate Crisis Agreements, How We Face Either a New Dark Ages or a New Enlightenment, More

At the 26th Conference of Parties (COP26) climate conference, there’s been a renewed call to have “climate finance” defined in such a way that keeps things like loans out of the picture. After all, “climate finance” is the funding put forward to help nations that need assistance to help them become greener, and if it includes (via ambiguity) such things as predatory loans or comes with strings attached, it discourages those we want to ENCOURAGE to adapt. Worse, it gives the loaning countries the expectation that what they “spend” on climate finance will actually come back to them, leaving less actual revenue put towards the effort than the manipulated numbers tell.

Then, we explore how financial desperation is fueling fear and ignorance globally, and how we are doomed to a dark age… unless we can succeed in bringing about a new enlightenment! All this and much more on TMI for Friday, November 12, 2021 – listen in for YOUR Cure for the Common Media.
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2021 Colorado Conspiracy theories COVID-19 Democratic Party Emergency Room Episode ER House of Representatives misinformation Parthenogenesis Science Vaccination WSUM

TMI 11/05/2021 – The Human Cost of Going Unvaccinated in Colorado, How the “Rough Night” of Election Day 2021 Went, Science News on Condor Parthenogenesis, More!

In a scenario that is also playing out elsewhere, Colorado is finding out that the cost of allowing so much ignorance about vaccination among its citizens is its hospitals becoming completely overwhelmed by mostly those who refuse the vaccine. Not only does that harm the benighted patients in the ICU, it also keeps hospitals from being able to admit others who need their services, forcing non-COVID patients to be turned away even from emergency care.

Then, we look at the much-exaggerated “rough night” the Democratic Party had on 11/2/2021 – the losses were easily predictable, despite what the corporate media wants you to think, and they are being used as leverage to push Dems even FURTHER from action that would inspire people to come out in support of them. Finally, we talk about a pair of exciting new discoveries in the world of science: successful parthenogenesis in birds (specifically condors) being observed for the first time, and the ability to use a brain implant prosthesis to allow a blind person to ‘see”.

You need to seek immediate help of your doctor if you have been taking any prescribed or non-prescribed medications before using best prices cialis . Like all medications, buy viagra in bulk immunosuppressant too has some side effects although they can be tackled through proper precautions and advice. KAMAGRA Fizz is a online viagra cialis new and popular form of kamagra in fast dissolving tablets. You may think that escaping addiction to alcohol seems impossible but, the good thing is that there’s always something for everyone cost low viagra to occupy their days and nights. All this and much more on TMI for Friday, November 5th, 2021 – listen in for YOUR Cure for the Common Media!