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TMI 5/31/2014 – Are Banks Too Big to Sue, Mary Jane’s Day in Congress and More!

The Inspector General’s Office issued a report in March  that showed the failure of the Justice Department to treat prosecuting those responsible for the massive mortgage fraud as any real priority. Banks misbehaving may not shock you, but a recent report on how those who are supposed to investigate and prosecute these crimes are instead PROTECTING the banks might get your attention.

Then, you may be aware that, under the Obama Administration, the Justice Department has found plenty of time and resources to go after places that are, under local and state laws, legally dispensing medical marijuana. Well, time they may have, but the resources might be about to dry up. In a virtually unheard-of move for this do-nothing Congress, the House this week voted to protect medical marijuana. We’ll detail how. That and much more on TMI for Saturday, May 31, 2014, airing live on WSUM FM, 91.7 in Madison and everywhere.  Tune in for your Cure for the Common Media!

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TMI 5/24/2014 – Holiday for Guests, Freeform for All

On today’s TMI, I’m letting all my guests have the holiday weekend off, and will be reviewing news and subjects in a freeform manner. Tune in, but even more, CALL in at 608-265-9786 (608-265-WSUM) and ask anything you like, make a statement and have a conversation with me on any political or social topic you want. I’m up for it if you are!

That’s TMI for this Memorial Day Saturday, live at noon on WSUM FM (91.7 in Madison, anywhere!

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TMI 5/17/2014 – CODEPINK’s Medea Benjamin on Drone Politics, Ed Gillespie’s Unregistered Acts and Much More!

David Barron, one of the chief architects behind the convolutions needed to make drone assassinations seem remotely legal, is being given his just desserts for his murderous actions: he’s being promoted! Disputing the “justice” of it all, Medea Benjamin of CODEPINK wrote a great overview of the history behind this act of twisted inhumanity, and I’m happy to welcome her to TMI at Noon to discuss it and more!

Then, if you think that the requirement that lobbyists be registered is helping with transparency in government, then you haven’t talked to Ed Gillespie recently. He, like many lobbyists, dropped off the rolls of registered influence peddlers… but that didn’t stop him. As reported by Lee Fang, he’s running to be a Senator even though he’s never stopped manipulating Congress for the benefit of the corporate elite. Why should we think he’ll stop if elected?

All that and much more on TMI for Saturday May 17, 2014 live at noon Central on WSUM FM, 91.7 in Madison of everywhere! Tune in for your Cure for the Common Media!

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TMI 5/10/2014 – Keystone XL is Flowing, Enbridge Has Another, Bomb Trains in Milwaukee and more!

DeSmogBlog’s Research Fellow Steve Horn has been busy as ever reporting on how TransCanada’s Keystone XL is flowing – in the southern end, how Enbridge has more tar sands bitumen pipelines ready to go, and how “Bomb Trains” – that is, trains that carry oil in easily combustible tanker cars – are rolling through many cities near you, including Milwaukee! Think they aren’t that big a deal? Ask the residents of Lynchburg, Virginia, where one caught fire and spilled its flaming contents into the James River!

All that, your calls and much more on TMI! Call in at 608-265-9786 (608-265-WSUM) to join the conversation at Noon Central on WSUM FM (91.7 in Madison or everywhere!

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TMI 5/03/2014: Doug Cunningham’s Loyalty to Labor, the Many Flavors of Socialism, and much more!

This Thursday, May 1st, has been celebrated since the 1890’s as “International Workers’ Day”, but this year, President Obama came out to celebrate “Loyalty Day” on the first of May, a holiday designation meant to replace a recognition of all that workers do for society with a celebration of “the reaffirmation of loyalty to the United States and for the recognition of the heritage of American freedom”. To discuss this and many other labor-related issues, I invited the man I know who is most loyal to the labor movement, Doug Cunningham of Workers Independent News, to join us and discuss where we are, where we are going, and how celebrating workers is possibly the best way to recognize the heritage of American freedom.

Then, you may agree with Socialism and not even be aware of it. How? Well, for one thing, Socialism isn’t one big monolithic concept – it has many flavors and variations, some of which disagree strongly with the rest. To help illustrate the different types of Socialism, we’ll be joined by the admins of “Taking Back Socialism”, a lively Facebook page devoted to promoting education and discussion about Socialist causes.

All that and much more today on TMI, airing live at noon Central on WSUM FM (91.7 in Madison, everywhere) – make sure to tune in for the Cure for the Common Media.