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TMI 5/31/2014 – Are Banks Too Big to Sue, Mary Jane’s Day in Congress and More!

The Inspector General’s Office issued a report in March  that showed the failure of the Justice Department to treat prosecuting those responsible for the massive mortgage fraud as any real priority. Banks misbehaving may not shock you, but a recent report on how those who are supposed to investigate and prosecute these crimes are instead PROTECTING the banks might get your attention.

Then, you may be aware that, under the Obama Administration, the Justice Department has found plenty of time and resources to go after places that are, under local and state laws, legally dispensing medical marijuana. Well, time they may have, but the resources might be about to dry up. In a virtually unheard-of move for this do-nothing Congress, the House this week voted to protect medical marijuana. We’ll detail how. That and much more on TMI for Saturday, May 31, 2014, airing live on WSUM FM, 91.7 in Madison and everywhere.  Tune in for your Cure for the Common Media!