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TMI 08/21/2020 – Red Flags, Mama Ain’t Happy, and Courting Climate Justice

Twelve years ago, we were jubilantly celebrating the Democratic Party’s nomination of Barack Obama for the office of President of the United States. What was widely ignored was the red flag that had already popped up, warning that his administration wasn’t going to be the progressive dream we’d been led to believe: Joe Biden. By choosing the Senator from Delaware as his VP, we could have seen that it was all headed sharply to the right. Now, with Joe Biden in his late 70’s and leading the Democratic Presidential ticket, we look for what the future might entail, and… we have Kamala Harris, a notoriously centrist Attorney General being placed next in line for the top office. We discuss THIS red flag, and what it might mean for the future.

Then, we discuss how the horrors of the climate crisis aren’t even getting major national coverage, as Iowa suffers hurricane-strength winds, the Atlantic Hurricane season is on record pace and California has its strongest tornado in history – MADE OF FIRE. Mama Nature ain’t happy, and there soon won’t be ANYBODY happy.

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TMI 08/14/2020 – Steve Horn Discusses “OrWells”, How Poor People Can Decide 2020, and Congrats Cori Bush!

On this week’s TMI with Aldous Tyler:

Fossil fuel giant Chevron has found an Orwellian way to connect sunshine with drilling fracking wells – so much so, that I’m dubbing them “OrWells”. Friend of the show Steve Horn returns to fill in the maddening details on that story as well as how a California official got in trouble for wanting to “block out the Sun” and finally how prisoner firefighters might get their due for their unrewarding work to keep us safe, all stories Steve broke on The Real News Network in the past week!

Then, we discuss how barely over half of the potential voters who are impoverished and low-wage came out to vote in 2016, and how this bloc of voters can easily swing the tide of the all-important Senate battle in November.
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Finally, we give credit where due to a wonderful victory, congratulating Cori Bush on defeating an incumbent whose family occupied the Congressional seat for over 50 years. All that and more was on TMI for Friday, August 14th, which aired 5PM Central on WSUM 91.7 FM in Madison! Listen in and lock on to the Cure for the Common Media.

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TMI 08/07/2020 – Labelled as Human, March Against Biden and Amnesty Int’l Dings Us


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If you feel that no label has quite fit how you feel about your gender or sexual identity, we run through over 30 that are custom made BY and FOR the people they describe. Listen and feel reconnected to humanity.
Then we talk to Preston Scott Smith of the March Against Biden, an event happening in over 20 locations tomorrow, August 8th and again a week later on August 15th, as well as virtual events. It’s not a pro-Trump event AT ALL – it BEGS the DNC to do something different in order to actually DEFEAT Trump. Check out the interview!
Finally, we talk about how Amnesty International has dinged a nation very familiar to you with well over 100 human rights violations in a span of under two weeks, and how that adds to the woes being faced at getting an important segment of the vote ready for November.
All that and more was on TMI for Friday, August 7, 2020, at 5PM Central on 91.7FM WSUM in Madison and streamed at EVERYWHERE.
Here’s the full episode – listen now:

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TMI 07/31/2020 – Mail-in Disaster Looms, Figuring the Lies, and the Return of Blackwater

Trump and the GOP are playing us AGAIN. By attacking vote-by-mail as being highly prone to fraud by voters (it’s not, BTW), he’s tricked the establishment Dems into a full throated defense of it. Why is that a problem? Because voting by mail DOES have a major flaw, but IN TRUMP’S FAVOR: many, and I mean MANY places have managed to put regulations and shady tricks in place to cause MILLIONS of mailed votes to be discarded by those we’ve trusted to COUNT them. And whose votes are the most likely to be discarded? College students, black people and low-income city folk… in other words, demographics the GOP does very poorly with.

But don’t take my word for it. Greg Palast has it all laid out in his book, “How Trump Stole 2020”. I am providing a link for you to get your own copy right underneath the podcast below.  Don’t be fooled into JUST voting by mail: be sure to steal your vote BACK.

Also in the episode: figures don’t lie, but liars do figure, and that’s never been more true than with the current pandemic. Listen in on how to properly understand the numbers, and how to tell when someone’s abusing them to distort reality.

Finally, we talk about the federal response to Portland’s BLM/George Floyd protest, and how those aren’t ACTUALLY all FEDERAL agents bring used against the protestors.

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Here’s the link to get a copy of Greg Palast’s “How Trump Stole 2020”:

You need to read this NOW.