TMI 5/17/2014 – CODEPINK’s Medea Benjamin on Drone Politics, Ed Gillespie’s Unregistered Acts and Much More!

David Barron, one of the chief architects behind the convolutions needed to make drone assassinations seem remotely legal, is being given his just desserts for his murderous actions: he’s being promoted! Disputing the “justice” of it all, Medea Benjamin of CODEPINK wrote a great overview of the history behind this act of twisted inhumanity, and I’m happy to welcome her to TMI at Noon to discuss it and more!

Then, if you think that the requirement that lobbyists be registered is helping with transparency in government, then you haven’t talked to¬†Ed Gillespie recently. He, like many lobbyists, dropped off the rolls of registered influence peddlers… but that didn’t stop him. As reported by Lee Fang, he’s running to be a Senator even though he’s never stopped manipulating Congress for the benefit of the corporate elite. Why should we think he’ll stop if elected?
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All that and much more on TMI for Saturday May 17, 2014 live at noon Central on WSUM FM, 91.7 in Madison of everywhere! Tune in for your Cure for the Common Media!

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