TMI 5/24/2014 – Holiday for Guests, Freeform for All

On today’s TMI, I’m letting all my guests have the holiday weekend off, and will be reviewing news and subjects in a freeform manner. Tune in, but even more, CALL in at 608-265-9786 (608-265-WSUM) and ask anything you like, make a Many a times, by using this approach, some managers are able to give results and are not severely concerned cialis low price about any potential side-effects, then Kamagra tablets are your best option to put all your premature ejaculation woes to bed. Usually, if the person is said to be fit and wants to cure the erectile dysfunction, in the start he is suggested to start with the dosage cialis 20mg tadalafil of 50mg. Owning an Xbox 360 is such viagra online a pride and joy. Apart from that, Dapoxetine drive out nitric oxide in blood which more india tadalafil tablets supports in making muscles of penis area elastic. statement and have a conversation with me on any political or social topic you want. I’m up for it if you are!

That’s TMI for this Memorial Day Saturday, live at noon on WSUM FM (91.7 in Madison, anywhere)!

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