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TMI 12/30/2022 – Greg Palast’s “Vigilante” Blows the Doors off False “Record Turnout” Claim in Georgia!

Veteran Investigative Journalist Greg Palast joins us to discuss how the media repeated (not reported on) the lie fed them by Georgia’s Brad Raffensperger. What lie? That the runoff election had “record turnout” when that last runoff just two years ago had ONE MILLION MORE VOTES. He and I even do the EASY math for you here and lay it all out, not only the ramifications for Georgia, but the rest of the nation! It you can’t tune in at 5:00pm Central to WSUM 91.7FM to catch this episode then LISTEN NOW: there’s a time-sensitive link given to you in all of this! The Vigilante movie, sixty minutes which document the whole mess in Georgia with narration by Rosario Dawson, is available to watch FREE but ONLY THROUGH SUNDAY, JANUARY 1st! Then it won’t be streaming or for sale anywhere, so hop on it NOW at and always keep an eye on for the best insight into what is happening electorally.

Don’t miss this special episode – listen NOW for YOUR Cure for the Common Media and put 2022 to bed the way it deserves to be.

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Up at – interview clip, transcript and link to video!

Greg Palast has posted our interview on not merely what is happening in Ukraine, but WHY it is happening… and possible solutions. Listen to the clip, read the excerpt, or watch the full video linked at the bottom of that. Being informed is vital when war is afoot. Check it out now!

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Greg Palast on Ukraine – Watch Now!

Greg Palast joins us to examine what Russia wants with Ukraine, and one powerful overlooked way the United States could stop it. More of Greg’s insightful investigative reporting can be found at and is known for his investigative reports for The Guardian and Democracy Now and author of several New York Times bestsellers including “The Best Democracy Money Can Buy”.

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TMI 03/04/2022 – Greg Palast on Putin’s Russian Orthodox and Oil Price Motivations, How Russia’s Geography Makes Invading Ukraine Attractive, Geothermal Startup Wants Cheap Renewable Energy Everywhere

We are joined by Greg Palast who outlines how both the sharp increase in oil prices and the Russian Orthodox Church are motivating Vladimir Putin to push further into Ukraine, causing untold chaos for both Russia and Ukraine. Then, I go over how Russia has a particular geographical feature that makes invading Ukraine even more attractive for Putin, along with a few other issues that weren’t covered in our conversation with Palast.

Finally, a Geothermal startup believes it has the recipe for making cheap renewable energy available almost anywhere on Earth! All this and more on TMI for Friday, March 4th, 2022 – listen in for YOUR Cure for the Common Media!

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TMI 07/27/2020 – How Trump Stole 2020 with Greg Palast

As the polls go, it looks more and more likely that there’s no way Trump could possibly win the next election. However, that might not matter because, with a combination of tricks used in 2016 and brand new avenues that have been opened up since, Trump has already stolen the 2020 election.

But don’t lose hope! Joining us this episode is Greg Palast, author of “How Trump Stole 2020”, and he’s not only here to outline how the crime was committed, but how we can steal it back. You’d better listen in (and should probably get the book), if the integrity of your vote means anything to you at all.
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