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TMI 10/20/2023 – BEST OF TMI – “Until They KILLED Them.” – Long Knife: Osage Oil and the New Trail of Tears w/ Greg Palast – Oil, Greed, Murder, Racism, Climate Crisis and more

A tremendous amount of oil was discovered on the land belonging to the Osage Nation of Oklahoma. They were the richest people on Earth… until oil-greedy people KILLED them. But who? How did they get away with it?

Investigative reporter Greg Palast has been on the hunt for this story for THREE decades! Where “KIllers of the Flower Moon” starring Leonardo DiCaprio ends, Greg Palast’s explosive documentary begins. Find out how the people behind the murder and the theft used that stolen money to help cripple climate change legislation for decades, and so much more! All that and more on TMI for Friday, October 20, 2023 – get YOUR Cure for the Common Media!

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