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ON YOUTUBE: TMI 04/28/2023 – The Capital Order with Clara Mattei

When you hear the term “Class War”, it’s typically being thrown at you by those who STARTED the war in the first place – the Capital Class. Want proof? Just talk to Assoc. Professor Clara Mattei: her new book, “⁠The Capital Order: How Economists Invented Austerity and Paved the Way to Fascism⁠” lays out all the evidence of how Austerity was carefully crafted to be a weapon to use against those not fortunate enough to have been born super-rich… that’s (almost certainly) you. And it has its origins over a hundred years ago! Watch now so you know exactly what tricks are still being used to this day by those in power to keep the rest of us from improving things for EVERYONE, not just them.

Check out the book here:

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Up at – interview clip, transcript and link to video!

Greg Palast has posted our interview on not merely what is happening in Ukraine, but WHY it is happening… and possible solutions. Listen to the clip, read the excerpt, or watch the full video linked at the bottom of that. Being informed is vital when war is afoot. Check it out now!

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Greg Palast on Ukraine – Watch Now!

Greg Palast joins us to examine what Russia wants with Ukraine, and one powerful overlooked way the United States could stop it. More of Greg’s insightful investigative reporting can be found at and is known for his investigative reports for The Guardian and Democracy Now and author of several New York Times bestsellers including “The Best Democracy Money Can Buy”.

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TMI: Thomas Frank’s “The People, No” on YouTube


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