TMI 6/15/2013: Opposite States of America

We’ve fallen completely down the rabbit hole: Silent protests are being silenced, Keystone XL activists are being targeted as terrorists, and government snooping is being run by corporations.

First, we’re joined by Wendi, one of the many Wisconsin citizens who sat in the gallery of the state legislature with tape over their mouths as a show of protest over having had their opposition to a trio of horribly anti-women bills silenced. You won’t believe what happened then! Click and listen:

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Then, we are joined by Steve Horn, investigative reporter for, who exposes not only the fracking involvement of Tennessee Governor Bill Haslam, but also how federal agencies and private corporations have teamed up to brand peaceful Keystone XL pipeline activists as terrorists. Click and listen:

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Finally – no matter what you think of Edward Snowden, the picture he’s illuminated is not one of Government-as-Big-Brother. It’s one of Government as the handmaiden to the corporations who are gathering our private data involuntarily and using it for their own profit.

All that and more was on TMI 6/15/2013 at Noon Central on WSUM 91.7FM in Madison, and live via any of the streaming apps and sources on theĀ TMI Listen page. Be sure always to tune into what’s really going on!

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