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TMI 11/09/2013: Global Trade Watch’s Ben Beachy on the TPP, Steve Horn on MSNBC’s pro-fracking “news”, and More!

Continuing to cover the vital story that the common media simply won’t touch, we’ve invited Ben Beachy of Public Citizen’s Global Trade Watch to help ensure that we understand not only the depth and breadth of the Trans-Pacific Partnership (the TPP), but also why we must demand that it be done in secret no longer, and that we, the people have a voice and a choice in the process.

Then, Steve Horn, research fellow at, tells us that MSNBC – a source that many had been trusting to give news coverage without the conservative taint of CNN or Fox – is now running “native ads” from pro-fracking sources, mixing in the messages these sources want you to see with the rest of the news. TMI is dedicated to being the Cure for the Common Media, so we were compelled to cover this latest outbreak of bad media practice.
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All that and much more on TMI for Saturday, November 9th, 2013 at Noon Central – tune in WSUM 91.7FM in Madison or use the Listen page at to stream it live anywhere!

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