TMI Hiatus Homework!

TMI with Aldous Tyler is on hiatus this week, which means you have homework!  But don’t despair, you’ll have an extra hour of MisterG’s greenarrowradio to groove with while doing it on 91.7 WSUM FM in Madison or On to the homework!

First, something fun: has a page devoted to saving some poor holiday inflatables (“Flates”) from their cruel and inhumane imprisonment. It’s a cause that’s full of hot air, yet one you’ll want to check out.

Then, there was an illuminating piece in The Atlantic about the NSA spying programs this week that included this clip:
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Finally, there’s a new analysis of what happened to Easter Island that is in some twisted ways a story of “success”, but it is one that is even more chilling than the story of failure we’ve been told about it for so long. To wit: “On Easter Island, people learned to live with less and forgot what it was like to have more. Maybe that will happen to us. There’s a lesson here. It’s not a happy one. As MacKinnon puts it: ‘If you’re waiting for an ecological crisis to persuade human beings to change their troubled relationship with nature — you could be waiting a long, long time.'” Read the entire piece, and see why we may have to sound the ecological alarm even louder if we want to gain any ground at all:

Check out those, and I’ll be back with more TMI next Saturday!

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