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TMI 1/4/2014 – The False World of College Pricing, Choosing Jobs or Equality and More!

You may be aware of how sale prices so often are the actual price the retailer wants to get out of the transaction, and how the “suggested retail price” is only there to make you think you’re getting a good deal. Well, it turns out that the price of higher education is set in a similarly dishonest fashion. We’ll pull the cover off of that.

Then, we’re often told by those who would claim to be wise in economic matters that we have a dire choice to make: we can either correct some of the grotesque amounts of income inequality in this nation, or we can create jobs. We’ll show why this is not only a false choice, but a virtual opposite of the truth.
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All that and more for the first TMI of 2014 – tune in at Noon Central on 91.7 WSUM FM in Madison or steam it live via TMI’s listen page at today!

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