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TMI 3/08/2014: Climate Denial Denied, Chicago’s New Pet(Coke), Steve Horn and more!

Today on TMI: several times over the past few months, the Fed has been forced to adjust downward it’s financial reports for those same periods of time. Why? They’re blaming the  underperformance on freakishly bad weather. At some point they may pull their heads out of the sand and realize that climate change is going to be a recurring problem for their ability to predict fiscal benefit. Steve Horn of knows another very influential outfit that has just come out with warnings on how the climate crisis is a “threat multiplier”, and no, we’re not talking about Chipotle.

Steve joins us live in studio to discuss that as well as how the windy city had gotten wind of a new pet in the Calumet River neighborhood: petcoke, by-product of tar sands bitumen refining. Suddenly, kids in the neighborhood were being forced to stay indoors – for their own protection. Steve will help us get to the bottom of it.
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All that and much more today on TMI at noon on WSUM 91.7FM in Madison, or via live streaming on or Tune in!

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