TMI 8/02/2014 – ALEC’s Cookin’ with Gas (w/ Steve Horn), Mary Jo’s Campaigning for Local Control and More!

Are you a natural gas corporation, unhappy with the rapid pace of hydraulic fracturing development under the current administration (you want even more)? Then do what Cheniere did: join the ranks of corporate bill-mill ALEC, and have them write model legislation that will pave the way for you. Steve Horn returns to shed light on this and more!

Then: returning to TMI in the middle of her campaign for Lt. Governor, Mary Jo Walters joins us from the midst of a multi-day bike ride across Wisconsin to promote the idea that maybe, instead of electing people who will allow big moneyed interests to take control of local resources away from the communities near them, we should consider focusing our elected officials’ attention on maintaining the integrity of local control.
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All that and much more live today on TMI at noon Central on 91.7 WSUM FM in Madison and globally via – tune in for your cure for the common media!

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