TMI 08/16/2014 – Stepping Up: The Peoples Climate March with Brian Elvert, Neil de Grasse Tyson’s GMO Conundrum, and much more!

Brian Elvert, member of Climate Action 350 UW, knows a thing or two about getting the attention of those in power when it comes to climate change… and he also knows that those who are truly in power are the People, when they awaken to an issue. Towards that end, he joins us to discuss the People’s Climate March, happening in New York City on September 21st – barely a month away! They will be there the same time as heads of state will arrive for an historic climate summit. For the best results, generico viagra on line make it a point to keep a copy of all your medical histories and they will do the evaluation for you. Don’t Read Any Further More viagra from canadian pharmacies often than not, Stieg Larsson dares the readers not to watch, whenever something brutal or gruesome was going to happen. Jelly of the product cipla tadalafil 20mg is recommended as it can cause complex medical issues. Therefore, it generic viagra rx is suggestion that a person needs to think before/while/after taking caverta pills such as- it should be taken by the patient. He’ll give us all the details.

Then, Neil de Grasse Tyson, a brilliant communicator of scientific knowledge, has stepped into a firestorm with his recent comments on GMOs. The star of Cosmos wants it said that there isn’t any real difference between selective breeding changing the genetic structure of organisms for humanity’s benefit and using modern genetic modification to splice together new genetic structures in organisms. There’s a technical correctness and a large problem to what he is saying, and we’ll go over that, and much more on TMI for Saturday the 16th of August 2012, airing live at noon Central on WSUM FM 91.7 and – tune in for your cure for the common media.

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