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TMI 09/10/2021 – BEST OF: Nine Terrifying Words, Alabama’s Coal Strike and the History Behind Leaving Afghanistan

With your host down for the count with COVID-19, please enjoy a repeat of last week’s episode of TMI:

Ronald Reagan gave us his “nine most terrifying words in the english language” 40 years ago – we examine how this devious concept has insidiously corrupted our ability to function as a government, even when it comes to responding to immediate threats like Hurricane Ida.

Then, we talk about the strike down in Alabama by miners of Warrior Met Coal, and the similarities to some historically violent coal strikes that rocked the USA roughly 100 years ago. With luck, maybe we can protect workers’ rights without so much bloodshed this time.

Finally, we look at the completion of the USA’s withdrawal from Afghanistan, and how it has been long overdue. All this and more on this BEST OF  TMI with Aldous Tyler for Friday, Sepetmber 10, 2021 – listen in for YOUR Cure for the Common Media.

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