Episode Solidarity Sing Along

TMI 8/3/2013: DOMA’s Decomposition, the Capitol Crackdown and more!

TMI this week was Guest-eriffic! We had Brandon Barwick and Jim Murray, fresh from the Capitol Building in Madison, to discuss the recent crackdown on the Solidarity Sing Along protest there.  Also, covering the demise of DOMA, and its effect on state laws, we had Attorney Christopher Krimmer, a partner at Balisle & Roberson, S.C. as well as Devin Gatton of the Wisconsin chapter of the Log Cabin Republicans.  Finally, Victor Raymond and Cabell Gathman of Wisconsin 5-2-1 discussed their new initiative to help combat bi-erasure Рall that happened Saturday, August 3rd at Noon Central on WSUM 91.7 FM Рcatch the podcasts, below!

Solidarity Sing Along Update w/ Brandon Barwick & Jim Murray

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Death of DOMA with Atty Christopher Krimmer and Devin Gatton
Wisconsin 5-2-1 with Victor Raymond and Cabell Gathman

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