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TMI 8/10/2013: The Devil’s Advocates Come Calling, and More!

One of the things I recommend to anyone who says the Common Media doesn’t serve us is to BE the media. Joining us on TMI are Mike Crute and Dom Salvia, who together decided to do just that. Starting in early 2012, they went on the air at The Mic 92.1FM (WXXM Madison) with The Devil’s Advocates Radio Show, a program that consists of a continuous intermingling of Progressive and Libertarian ideas, concepts and experiences from its differing hosts. By showing us that discussion, however frustrating it can be at times, can still be had by thoughtful people, they show us that if we devote ourselves to keeping the conversation going, we can reap great rewards. Recently, they both have personally experienced what it means to have your ability to safely petition your government for redress taken away, and that our current Governor is not interested in allowing a conversation.  Also, we’ve had Rep Alan Grayson on recently about his “Mind Your Own Business Act”, and perhaps pressure from progressives like him and the public brouhaha over the NSA leaks of Edward Snowden have inspired President Obama to order all intelligence agencies to disclose as much of their domestic spying programs as they can. I’d call that a win for Snowden – all that and more happened Saturday, August 10th at Noon Central  – catch the podcast!

Dancing with the Devil’s Advocates, Dom & Crute

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