The Meaning of Our Communication

The meaning of a communication is not what you intend it to be – it is what those who receive that communication take away from it.  This is a difficult truth to wrangle with, and it is vital to understand before committing an international action.

For example, when the Japanese bombed Pearl Harbor on December 7th, 1942, they were not attacking our military on our soil; they put no boots on the ground; it was a surgical strike, with no intention to harm the general citizenry of Hawaii. However, it was *the* action that galvanized us here in America to join ALL theaters of World War II, not merely against the Japanese.  Did they intend to rile us to rise against their Axis allies?  I can only imagine Hirohito got some heated “Gee, THANKS moron!” messages from Hitler and Mussolini for that.
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My point is simple: we may see a serious need to perform a surgical strike, without putting boots on the ground, that in no way shape or form attacks Russia, Iran or anyone BUT the Assad regime, and thus we can try to fool ourselves into saying we are not getting into a war… but what will everyone else take away from that?

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