TMI 3/22/2014: Fighting the Silencing Governor with Mike Crute of The Devil’s Advocates Radio, and more!

Mike Crute, with his co-host Dom Salvia, run The Devil’s Advocates Radio program on The Mic 92.1 FM here in Madison. It is designed to offer a place for differing points of view, and thanks to that managed to get an exclusive interview with GOP State Senator Dale Schultz, wherein Senator Schultz vehemently decried his own party’s plan to suppress the vote.

But that’s not the only way Dom and Crute have been fighting Scott Walker’s campaign of silencing his opposition: by spontaneously joining in the Solidarity Sing Along *once*, Mike Crute (as well as Dom Salvia) were arrested. His defense attorney won his case on First Amendment grounds, clearing the way for many other arrested singers… but that story is not over yet. Listen in!
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We’ll have that and much more on TMI today at noon Central on WSUM 91.7FM in Madison, or streaming live via and – tune in!

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