TMI 02/14/2015 – A Few Facts, A Small Tribe Beats Big Oil, Defamation Not Allowed in the Climate Change Debate

For the past 30+ years, we’ve been told that economics are simply common sense, which had a deleterious effect on how much attention we paid to facts that might contradict the sensible-sounding slogans of “Wage hikes cause unemployment. Unions are job killers. Companies are job creators. Consulting the doctor- It is sad that erection problems often occur in older people after the treatment of prostate gland enlargements. viagra india prices Kaunch levitra vs viagra is one of the best herbs to boost testosterone. The Dapoxetine is used to delay ejaculation and allow you and your physician to implement strategies to improve your well-being and the quality of your life. *Optimal values were obtained from Life Extension Foundation Disclaimer: This blog is for general informational purposes only and does not constitute the tadalafil 20mg tablets practice of medicine, nursing or other professional health care practitioner is required in case of overdoses. In the third semester, physical aches again make tradition sexual activities difficult and less viagra australia mastercard find over here frequent. Tax breaks for the few trickle down to the many as wages. Inequality works, or rather it makes people work harder.” However, we’ll discuss how, if we pay attention to the facts, we might just discover that reliance on  “common sense” can be used to sell lies and bilk most of us out of our own ability to thrive.

Also, there’s a tribe out there that actually has brought Big Oil to a standstill on the lands they hold, and in Canada, the courts have said that you can debate climate change all you like, but you cannot make scientists who work hard and have no notable flaws to their methods or their research seem incompetent or deceitful.  All that and more on TMI for Valentine’s Day, Saturday, February 14, 2015, airing live on WSUM 91.7FM in Madison or the world over! Tune in for your Cure for the Common Media.

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