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TMI 04/26/2024 – Louisiana’s Tim Temple Teams Up with Climate Change to Leave Ever More Homeowners Screwed By Their Insurance, USA’s First Electric Bullet Train Breaks Ground, more

On today’s episode of TMI, we find Louisiana’s GOP lawmakers at a crossroads. The ongoing insurance crisis caused by devastating hurricanes has left homeowners at the mercy of companies that seemingly have none. Louisiana legislators are on track to repeal a consumer protection law adopted after Hurricane Katrina that stops homeowner insurance companies from canceling policies without good reason. The new proposals empower Republican Louisiana insurance commissioner Tim Temple to approve mass policy cancellations. Insurers would be allowed to cancel up to 5% of their policies each year as long as the policies aren’t all in one parish, and 5% is NOT a hard cap; insurers can cancel as many policies as they want with approval from the Commissioner Temple. A provision in the legislation declares an insurer’s cancellation plan a corporate “trade secret” not subject to Louisiana’s Public Records Law, making them harder to fight against.

For a spot of contrast, we then turn to briefly look at the USA’s first bullet train! Brightline West’s $12 billion project promises to connect Los Angeles and Las Vegas in just over two hours. At speeds of up to 200 mph, this electric-powered airline-alternative fights climate change while transforming travel. Assuming this is a success, this could FINALLY give an irrefutable example of how to make climate-friendly rapid transport happen right here in the USA. All this and more on TMI for Friday, April 26, 2024 – listen in for YOUR Cure for the Common Media!