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TMI 07/30/2021 – Fishy Fish – How Subway’s Tuna Scandal Isn’t the Only Seafood Fraud, The Ethics of Forcing People to Work With the Unvaccinated, How Strategy Games Reinforce Colonial White Supremacy

We’ve all heard of Subway’s infamous tunaless tuna sandwich by now – researchers discovered no tuna DNA in the meat of Subway’s famous offering, causing headlines across the country. What hasn’t been reported nearly as much as this is likely not even Subway’s fault: a staggeringly high amount of fish and seafood is being sold mislabeled. We explore the mystery of the fishy fish.

Then, we discuss the ethics of being told that not only MUST you return to the office, versus being able to work from home, but that you may be forced to do so in the company of folks who have refused vaccination against COVID. Is it right to force someone to choose between living indoors and staying healthy? Finally, we look at how strategy board games like Puerto Rico force their players to adopt the genocidal mindsets of colonists in order to succeed at their games. All this and much more on TMI for Friday, July 30, 2021 – listen in for YOUR Cure for the Common Media!