TMI 6/8/2013: How NOT to Say You’re Sorry

I hope you have never done something so wrong that even apologizing seemed to be insulting to those you’d wronged, but that may be the very situation Australia is facing. Just two weeks ago, the Land Down Under observed this year’s “Sorry Day”; joining us live in studio, Bekah Wheeler will help explain what the day is about and why sorry may not be enough.

Plus, we’ll discuss the NSA situation that has taken up so much of the airwaves and try to clear away some of the confusion, as well as go over some concrete steps we here in America can take if we want to get some of that Icelandic Revolution mojo working for us.

That and much more today on TMI at Noon Central on WSUM 91.7FM in Madison or for all online and mobile streaming options!

How NOT to Say You’re Sorry with Bekah Wheeler:

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