TMI 6/22/2013: NSA, TPP and Other Hazardous Acronyms with Rep. Alan Grayson

Never since the choking hazard posed by a dry bowl of Alpha-Bits Cereal have seemingly-random mixes of letters been so dangerous to the well-being of Americans and others worldwide. We are joined by Alan Grayson, Democratic Representative of Florida’s Ninth Congressional District, to discuss how the NSA has been minding everyone’s Ps and Qs (and every other letter we type into texts and online) and how he is telling them to Mind Your Own Business. While our privacy is being violated, the government is insisting on secrecy surrounding the details surrounding the Trade Treachery of the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) – but Rep. Grayson has seen it, and discusses its perils as much as he’s allowed to (without killing us). All that and more, without needing to buy a vowel – listen to the Cure for the Common Media, below!

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