Episode Fracking

TMI 12/06/2014 – How OPEC’s Floored the Gas Pedal and Denton’s Challenged Fracking with Steve Horn, and much more!

If you live in the USA, you might have noticed that gas prices have fallen steadily of late. Some worry that this will lead to increased usage and worsen the already tenuous situation we face with the climate crisis, but there may be an environmental upside to OPEC refusing to slow oil production, thus glutting the market and lowering the price we face at the pump. Steve Horn of DeSmogBlog joins us to discuss that as well as Here are some details in this regard: Kavach beej is capable of improving the libido level in discount cialis canada the body providing added enthusiasm for having a strong erection. Tadalafil simply rests the muscles and ensures that the PDE5 levitra prescription enzymes have been inhibited. It is not just viagra india viagra about women that If they will do smoking then it will be difficult for them to live a life of sobriety. You’ll find a range of medications offered for the treatment of get cialis overnight sexual dysfunction. target=”_blank”>what’s happening in Denton, Texas, where, he reports, environmental groups have joined the city in defending itself against the big oil interests that are suing to overturn the ban on hydraulic fracturing (“fracking”) that the citizens voted to put into place.

There’s that and much more on TMI with Aldous Tyler for Saturday, December 6th, 2014, airing live on WSUM 91.7 FM in Madison, and simulcast via live stream at everywhere! Tune in for your Cure for the Common Media.

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