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TMI 9/24/2021 – ‘I’ vs. ‘We’ in the Fight Against Climate Change, Billionaire Taxation is Key, More than Gabby: Native Women Need More Attention When They Go Missing, News in Brief

Global Warming’s “tipping points” like Fires, Floods, Permafrost Melt, and other catastrophes appear absolutely unstoppable when framed with the oft-asked “what can _I_ do about it?” We show why this is the WRONG framework to use when tackling climate issues.

Then, we further go into how (MMT be damned) possibly one of the most KEY parts of solving the crisis is the taxation of the BIllionaire class. Finally, we shed light on how, while it is perfectly good that Gabby Petito got the attention she did when she was “lost”, so many more Native women are lost with barely a mention in even the most local of media. All this and more on TMI with Aldous Tyler for Friday, September 24, 2021 – listen in for YOUR Cure for the Common Media.
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