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TMI 01/21/2022 – Is It Really Community vs. “Freedom”?, World War III – Your Table is Ready, and There is No Absolute “Time”, More

Society seems pretty well torn in two, and the odd thing about it is that there appears to be mostly a conflict between those who want to focus on building and uplifting community between each other and those who prize, above all else, what they have been TOLD it means to be “free”. We examine this fundamental breakdown in communication to hopefully better prepare you to help heal the rifts so we can focus on the billionocracy that is keeping us ALL down.

Then, reports from Ukraine not the only things that are echoing the beginnings of historic, major wars. The fact that there are multiple major places of unrest boiling up simultaneously calls back to how wars like World War I, World War II and other major wars began. We discuss.

Finally, we examine the most current understandings of the nature of time itself, which may surprise you. After all, it has been completely proven that the closer you get to the surface of the Earth, the SLOWER time moves. Can there be any absolute notion of time when it bends depending on your location? All this and much more on TMI for Friday, January 21, 2022 – listen in for your Cure for the Common Media!

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