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TMI 09/22/2023 – How Ronald Reagan Planted an Inflation Trap for Joe Biden, Six of Nine Planetary Limits Are Outside the Safe Zone for Humanity, Planned Parenthood of WI to Provide Abortions and more

While Joe Biden campaigns on “Bidenomics”, the rest of us look at the economy and wonder how he and others in the political class of folks in Washington DC could be so out of touch. Turns out, it’s not entirely Biden’s fault, as we discover that a method for looking at inflation begun under Ronald Reagan helps ENSURE that the view from the top is ALWAYS rosier than the one from our home towns.

Then, an analysis of thousands of scientific studies, done to judge how the Earth is doing in nine essential metrics for humanity’s continuation, shows that of those nine limits for life to remain sustainable here, six of them have been breached. Finally, we give the glad news that, due to legal challenges showing the 1849 “ban” on abortion in Wisconsin is shaky at best, Planned Parenthood of Wisconsin has returned to providing the vital health care service of abortion. All this and more on TMI for Friday, September 22, 2023 – listen in for YOUR Cure for the Common Media!

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TMI 08/18/2023 – How Betting the Campaign on “Bidenomics” is a Mistake, Montana Agrees It Owes Its Youth for Their Climate Future, Medical Marijuana Lowers Premiums and more

The re-election campaign of President Joe Biden is all in on “Bidenomics” as the core acheivement of the President’s first four years, and that’s backed up by macro-economic indicators. However, that’s only true because the AVERAGE economic outlook has been imporvaed only by how much STAGGERINGLY better the billionaires are doing – most of the rest of us aren’t feeling it.

Then, we look at how last year’s eruption in Tonga is adding to the human-made climate crisis and how Montana’s courts are agreeing with young climate activists: the state OWES them a better climate future.

Finally, we look at how studies are showing the opposite of the doomsayers’ predictions about medical marijuana – it is LOWERING health insurance premiums in those states that have it! All this and more on TMI for Friday, August 18, 2023 – listen in for YOUR Cure for the Common Media!