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TMI 02/09/2024 – Are We Failing the Lessons of Black History Month by Using Zoning and “Crime-Free” Laws to Increase Homelessness Among People of Color?

We look back as recently as 1964 in Black History and see drinking fountains marked “colored” and “whites”, and tsk at such blatant symbols of racial oppression. But the times haven’t changed as much as one might hope. People of color are frequently among the homeless that many cities attempt to banish by using zoning laws capriciously against churches who are trying to house and feed them. Worse, we see that laws against “nuisance” tenants in order to create “crime-free” communities are often adopted when people of color move into those places, forcing landlords to screen out or evict people of color, exacerbating the issue. Today’s present becomes the Black History of tomorrow. We look at all of this and more TMI for Friday, February 09, 2024 – listen in for YOUR Cure for the Common Media!

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TMI 10/08/2021 – Berlin Renters Claim Victory Against Housing Crisis, an Overview of the Pandora Papers

On today’s episode, we take you to Germany, where an unprecedented victory was scored by a movement of renters seeking to keep the housing crisis in the city of Berlin under control by forcing the government to claim over 200,000 rental units out of the hands of the landlords who have been mercilessly raising rents well above the renters’ ability to pay.

Then, we examine the Pandora Papers, a revelation that makes 2016’s Panama Papers scandal seem tiny as it documents precisely how the richest of the world keep their money from benefitting anyone but themselves, escaping taxation and even validation of the precise amounts of wealth they possess. All this and more on TMI for Friday, October 8, 2021 – listen in for YOUR Cure for the Common Media!