TMI 9/7/2013: Not Allowing Syria to Dominate the Media (with Steve Horn)

Syria. Our potentially launching a missile campaign against Assad there has put a stranglehold on the media conversation this week, and one cannot argue that it doesn’t deserve the attention… but there are other things that also deserve the spotlight. Joining us live in-studio for the hour is friend-of-the-show Steve Horn of DeSmogBlog and MintPress News with critical updates on the Keystone XL Pipeline, the domestic fracking situation and how all of that ties back to the American/Russian geopolitical struggle that put and keep Snowden and Syria in the headlines. BONUS: Here’s the article we previewed on this episode – read it now! Listen to the whole episode, or in the original three segments, below:

2 thoughts on “TMI 9/7/2013: Not Allowing Syria to Dominate the Media (with Steve Horn)

  1. I have a friend on FB who’s doing a radio show about the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. His name is James Hyder. Any plans to address what’s going on in the West Bank and Gaza?

    • I would like to do this subject justice. One of the issues I have is that I only have one hour a week and so many things to choose from to cover. I am seriously considering trying to expand my coverage by offering streaming episodes beyond the broadcast hour I get once a week, but I’ll need financial support to do it. Know anyone who’d be interested?

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