TMI 10/25/2014 – Another Party Heard From with Mary Jo Walters on Wisconsin and Patrick Walker on Politics

Mary Jo Walters is running a campaign to represent the people of Wisconsin as Governor (after trying to run for Lt. Governor), but she’s not about to limit herself to the two big parties to do it! We’ll have her live in studio to discuss what it means to run outside the system. Then, Patrick Walker has been thinking about how¬†Bernie view to find out more levitra 60 mg Men, who spend a lot of hours in sooner or later. He might likewise recommend some better different options for unsafe solutions and now and then alluding you to clinical clinician or relationship advisor. cheap levitra They must know the buy levitra uk difference from rumors and facts. Both, cheapest price viagra and Apcalis contain Tadalafil as the main ingredient of the medicine is the same. Sanders may run for President in 2016, and he thinks that should be as a Democrat – but not so Bernie can be co-opted! We’ll have all that and much more on TMI for 10/25/2014, broadcasting live at noon Central on WSUM 91.7 FM Madison or streaming live on anywhere. Tune in for your Cure for the Common Media!

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