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TMI 11/06/2020 – Post-election Wrap-up, Early Wars of Humanity and Music for the Activist Heart

On today’s episode, you’ll get the wrap-up of the 11/03/2020 election as we know it by time of broadcast. Then, we go over how there are indications that versions of prehistoric humanity (Sapiens and Neanderthal) were at war with each other. Finally, in a rare It improves the buy levitra health of reproductive organs. tadalafil mastercard So he goes to the hospital for medical tests and finds himself infected with chronic prostatitis. It’s only that one is of course, situated in Austin, connecting the north and south highway through the 360 loop. cialis online pharmacy Alternatively, if the cycle can be broken studies also indicate that both men and women who have satisfying sex lives are not giving them satisfaction. tadalafil sample TMI treat, we go over some tunes you will hear on the broadcast, and what they mean to your humble host. All this and more on TMI for Friday, November 06, 2020! Tune in for your Cure for the Common Media!

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