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TMI 07/06/2024 @ 4pm Central – SPECIAL DAY/TIME – SCOTUS’ Trump v. United States Takes Presidency Above the Law, Justice Kagan Dissents on Death of Chevron Doctrine, LA, TX and OK Place Christianity Into Public Schools at Once, more

On this week’s “TMI with Aldous Tyler”, we kick off with a discussion on SCOTUS’ July 1 ruling on Trump v. United States. This landmark ruling, which grants presidents immunity from prosecution when carrying out “official acts”, has sparked a nationwide debate about the extent of presidential power, coming from sources as close as Justice Sotomayor.

Next, we’ll delve into Justice Elena Kagan’s dissent on the death of the Chevron Doctrine. Kagan’s scathing critique of her conservative colleagues, whom she accuses of a power grab, has sent ripples through the judicial community. Finally, we’ll examine the controversial decisions by Louisiana, Texas, and Oklahoma to incorporate Christianity into their public schools. These states’ moves to bring religion into the classroom have ignited a fiery debate about the separation of church and state. All this and more on TMI airing at a special day and time: Saturday, July 06, 2024 – listen in for YOUR Cure for the Common Media!