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TMI 12/04/2020 – Barr Says No, The God of Einstein, and Unbiased Journalism Requires Truth

On today’s TMI, Attorney General Bill Barr denies Trump’s allegations that there was any electoral or voter fraud sufficient to change the outcome of the Presidential Election – we discuss. Then, we talk about what kind of God was compatible with a great scientific mind like Einstein: specifically, the God outlined by Baruch Spinoza. It’s not the kind of God you’ll find preached about in almost any church in America, and is compatible with critical thinking, so check it out. One can simply go online to cialis generic 10mg buy Kamagra If you want the most convenient and confidential manner in buying Kamagra, there can be no better option than to place your order online. As men age and their prostates expand, the urinary symptoms become more bought here viagra samples profound. While credible laser product manufacturers and studio therapists do not claim miraculous results, most state with some legitimacy that they can stimulate regrowth sildenafil sales of still-extant follicles and strengthen hair that has not yet been lost. find out this now viagra properien There are pharmacy scams, which take place. Finally, we talk about how giving “both sides” equal time and attention has caused journalism to suffer, due to nothing beyond the fact that far too frequently, only one side is discussing facts (and too often, neither are). Don’t miss this episode of TMI for Friday, December 4, 2020 – listen in for your Cure for the Common Media!

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