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TMI 07/21/2023 – Climate Change is Not a Debate: the Climate HAS Changed, The CDC Changed How It Calculates “Excess Deaths” to Downplay COVID, Interest Payments Impoverish Billions of People and more

We no longer need to think of the Climate Crisis as something to dread in the future – it is here, now. From heat-based records on land and in the ocean to flooding in Vermont and Kentucky, there is simply no denying that it is upon us – now if only THAT was enough to ensure real action: we discuss.

Then, the CDC has been telling us that “excess deaths”, a key measure in how bad the COVID pandemic is, has dropped tremendously. The thing is, the way they measure those deaths changed, giving the illusion that less people are dying from COVID than actually are. Finally, we talk about how dozens of nations around the world owe so much on loans they had to take out to pay for climate- and COVID-mitigating measures, that paying the INTEREST on them alone makes it so they can’t afford education and health measures for their people. All this and more on TMI for Friday, July 21, 2023 – listen in for YOUR Cure for the Common Media!

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TMI 01/14/2022 – Is Omicron Really “Milder”, GOP’s One-Party Rule in Wisconsin a Model for Everywhere Else, 2021’s Record Ocean Temps, More

Katherine J. Wu of the Atlantic tells us that virologists don’t mean what WE mean when they say the Omicron variant of COVID is “milder” – that misunderstanding is leading to a lot of poor public health decisions, letting our guard down around a still-fatal pandemic. Then, we look over Ryan Cooper’s piece in the week, entitled “Wisconsin’s One-Party Rule is What the GOP Wants Everywhere” and how, despite having a Democratic governor, virtually all policy in the state is under the thumb of the Republicans. Finally we review the findings that 2021 had the hottest ocean temperatures on record, and what that means for the future. All that and more on TMI for Friday, January 14, 2022 – listen in for YOUR Cure for the Common Media!

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TMI 01/07/2022 – Be Like Betty, 30% Remain Contagious with COVID at Day Five, Stephen Marsh’s “Next Civil War”, Harrison Ford’s “Favorite Animal” is Humanity, More

Betty White quietly funded the rescue of animals in 2005 during the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina, not wanting any fame for it, and setting a good example for us all – she knew what mattered to her and then acted on it, as we all should. Also, if you can, follow her example of longevity. Then, we go into how, at 30% remaining contagious with COVID at the fifth day of infection, the new CDC guidelines allow roughly 300,000 infectious people per day back into the workforce. Next, we review Stephen Marsh’s book, “The Next Civil War”. where he proclaims that it’s not just likely, it’s pretty much at our doorstep. Finally, Harrison Ford declares that “Science is Tested Knowledge” – remember that. All that and much more on TMI for Friday, January 7, 2022 – listen in for YOUR Cure for the Common Media!

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TMI 12/31/2021 – GOP Used CRT Used as Distraction in 2021, CDC Sides with Money over Science, the USA is Due for a Rebirth for the Fifth Time, More

Eschewing the ordinary year-in-review, we go over the events of 2021 that are actually worth reviewing. This includes CRT protests being used as a distraction from how the January 6th investigation was not going well for the GOP, how many more people were getting badly affected by the climate crisis, and that there was no room in the debate for helping people out financially – oh no, they wanted you to look away from all of that in order to see them roaring over how “critical race theory teaches our children to hate America”. Look for Black History Month protests this coming February.

Then, we examine the pro-corporate and flawed guidance given by the CDC regarding shortening the guidelines for COVID isolation, declaring “we can’t take science in a vacuum”… because what about the MONEY??, the science be damned. Finally, we look at how the USA had been reborn in essence four times since its foundation, and how we are due for a fifth one any day now. All that and more on TMI for Friday, December 31, 2021 – listen in for YOUR Cure for the Common Media!