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TMI 05/31/2024 – Joe Biden is Running Away From How He Fights Monopoly Power and That Could Cost Him Like it Did Feingold, The Real Carbon Footprint of EVs Versus Internal Combustion Cars and more

President Joe Biden’s administration has taken numerous steps to fight monopoly power in the interest of the people, but at almost every turn, the White House Communications team refuses to comment on these positions and accomplishments, making it look like Biden is doing nothing for we, the people. The distinguished progressive Senator Russ Feingold lost re-election in 2010 with a similar “run away from your progressive bona fides” strategy – it might cost Biden similarly.

Next, leave it to the ABC Network of Australia, but they’ve broken down the exact carbon footprint differences between EVs and Internal Combustion Engine cars from manufacturing and materials, fuel/energy sourcing and use through their lifetime and finally into disposal – you’ll be surprised at exactly how the two compare. All this and more on TMI for Friday, May 31, 2024 – listen in for YOUR Cure for the Common Media!

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TMI 12/30/2022 – Greg Palast’s “Vigilante” Blows the Doors off False “Record Turnout” Claim in Georgia!

Veteran Investigative Journalist Greg Palast joins us to discuss how the media repeated (not reported on) the lie fed them by Georgia’s Brad Raffensperger. What lie? That the runoff election had “record turnout” when that last runoff just two years ago had ONE MILLION MORE VOTES. He and I even do the EASY math for you here and lay it all out, not only the ramifications for Georgia, but the rest of the nation! It you can’t tune in at 5:00pm Central to WSUM 91.7FM to catch this episode then LISTEN NOW: there’s a time-sensitive link given to you in all of this! The Vigilante movie, sixty minutes which document the whole mess in Georgia with narration by Rosario Dawson, is available to watch FREE but ONLY THROUGH SUNDAY, JANUARY 1st! Then it won’t be streaming or for sale anywhere, so hop on it NOW at and always keep an eye on for the best insight into what is happening electorally.

Don’t miss this special episode – listen NOW for YOUR Cure for the Common Media and put 2022 to bed the way it deserves to be.